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The presentation of a collection of fabrics or wallcoverings in book format. Each item (or SKU) is shown as a page including technical and product specifications on the ‘ID Tape’ generally found on the reverse of each page of fabric. The ‘case’ or cover of the book presents printed marketing material such as imagery of the fabric in application.

Hangers & Waterfalls

The hanger presents a ‘waterfall’ of fabrics alongside a large ‘feeler’ piece of fabric which are combined in a ‘cap’ to make a hanging sample. Each item (SKU) is represented by a loop of fabric on the waterfall to allow the customer to see the colours and designs of fabrics available. The feeler allows the customer to touch the fabric and get a physical understanding of how the fabric drapes and behaves in a large piece.

Cards & Binders

A compact sample composed of a binder or file containing cards presenting each fabric in a small piece with accompanying technical product specifications. Ideal for architects and designers who are short on storage space and need a quick mobile reference containing multiple items in one place.

Memos & Swatches

A memo or swatch is a single piece of fabric or wallcovering, usually available in A5 or A4 dimensions, or according to customer requirements. Memos are labelled with branding, design and colour references, along with technical product specifications. Memos are a great sampling format to support digital sales channels.