Production and Packaging

Sample King manufactures and distributes protective masks for both medical and personal use.

Particle Filtering Half Mask FFP2

SampleKing surgical face mask type IIR

Surgical Face Mask Type IIR

Protective Face Mask KN95

Surgical Face Mask Type II

Medical Respirator Type II R

All masks are manufactured and packaged on fully automated production lines. These lines are installed in an ISO14644-1 / YY/T 0033-2010 and Class 100,000 (ISO 8) clean room, only team members are permitted to enter who have submitted an official health report. The entire team including visitors are always required to wear protective clothing.

Clean room

All machines are located in a medically certified ISO14644-1 / YY/T 0033-2010 and Class 100,000 (ISO 8) clean room. The clean room is over 1000m², comprising of a production floor, functional testing lab, packing room and raw materials storage space. The balance of our factory is made up of 8000m² of logistic, storage and non-medical production facilities.

Our clean room facilitates a very consistent production quality with very low bacteria contamination meeting the required certified medical standards.

We are a full compliance production unit which requires us to be fully certified with the most renowned laboratories and standards organisations. All official certification and accreditations are available for inspection and audit upon request.

Quality assurance & certification

Our quality system is modelled based on ISO 13485. All products manufactured at Sample King are certified with the following regional standards:

  • CNAS (China)
  • CE (Europe)
  • TGA (Australia)
  • FDA (USA) – in application


To ensure production continuity, we have chosen to build up a strategic inventory of raw materials essential for manufacturing medical face masks (spunbond/non-woven fabric, ear-loops, meltblown, nose bridges). By holding these strategic stocks we can guarantee consistent quality and deliveries for long periods of time.

Being owned by Bru in Belgium, we benefit from their global logistic capabilities and experience. This allows us to seamlessly ship worldwide, regardless of the quantities. Bru is also the owner of BruMed in Belgium which is also a fully certified producer of masks for medical use.

Our knowledgeable and multi-lingual customer service team is highly experienced in all aspects of customer service and logistics, having shipped internationally to more than 90 countries since 2007. We are very comfortable with handling highly complexed instructions and specs.

Sample King’s in-house design studio has the capacity and skill to develop and produce customised packaging solutions based on customer specific requirements. We also have an experienced purchasing and merchandising team to develop and source premium customised materials.

For certifications and accreditations, Sample King has a strategic partnership with SGS, TUV, Nelson, CNAS and CMA.